Primado2_im1-2_1107NSK was established in 1930 as a manufacturer specializing in super high-speed rotary cutting technology. Since then, we have been accumulating know-how over the years and expanding our range of business from dentistry to general industry, and even into the field of surgery.

In that time, medical technology has achieved astonishing progress, with the history of that progress also serving as the history of the development of medical devices. Medical devices with revolutionary capabilities and precision that enable new, more sophisticated treatment are now in demand for fields like dentistry. In today’s world, the question is one of whether or not one has the capacity for truly revolutionary technological development; development that goes beyond mere functional enhancements and improvements by extending conventional technology.

In such an age, we not only spare no effort in improving the super high-speed rotary cutting technology that is our core technology; we also continually strive to develop more state-of-the-art technology, as well as new products and services.

This is manufacturing that accepts no compromise and consistently offers value exceeding the market’s expectations. This is an expression of NAKANISHI’s approach to business. For the future, we will further strengthen our global marketing network which covers 120 countries around the world, while also aiming for a higher dimension of manufacturing that our competitors cannot imitate. Through this it is our goal to become the No. 1 brand in the respective fields of dental, general industrial, and surgical devices.

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